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radio broadcast computer networks

Radio Broadcast Computer Networks

The radio industry depends on the computer networking system more and more as many businesses do. Work-a-rounds cost an untold amount of hours. the downtime can cause critical revenue to be lost.

broadcast technical management

Broadcast Technical Management

Broadcast Technical Management Service is a program to provide Corporate Director of Engineering services to radio companies utilizes experienced broadcast engineers with management backgrounds. It is a technical resource utilizing both experience and economics for small to medium size radio companies.

web radio streaming

Web Radio (Streaming)

Streaming is quickly becoming a necessity. Planning, Planning, Planning is the most important in presenting a professional product to attract web listeners. Having a separate commercial log is vital to making a profit. Knowledge is necessary to planning.



A full service integration company, Second Opinion Communications provides the highest quality of technical services to broadcast facilities throughout the United States and Internationally. Axia is a fundamental component to your facilities operation, the expandability is boundless. The integration of the Axia system to a new or existing facility is crucial to a successful facility operation.